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NEPAL: Volunteering, All Hands Nuwakot – One Week, November 2016 I really didn’t know what to expect when I inadvertently signed up to “volunteer” for All Hands Volunteers in Nepal. Originally I only intended to go visit the site; to check out where all the sponsorship money I had raised was being spent and then report back home. However from experiencing the earthquake – to walking 1080 miles this summer in the UK – to returning to Kathmandu and revisiting all the sites I been to just before and during the quake – to finally visiting Nuwakot where all the […]

My week in Nuwakot

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BALI: 2 weeks So my epic 10 week adventure was over… I arrived back in Surrey, put my feet up and literally didn’t move for 3 days! Then I flew over to Ibiza for 3 days to meet some friends, catch the last of the European summer rays and dance for 14 hours straight at the SPACE closing (forever) party. Honestly my feet hurt more after that night than during any point of my 10 week walk!  Then just two more weeks at home unpacking and repacking, I jetted off again on my next 6 month adventure. First stop Bali, […]

Same same but different

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I always hoped to make it back to Nepal… to visit #projectnuwakot and of course to see a little more of the country, as last time I never even made it out of Kathmandu.  My original intention however was not to “volunteer” when I visited All Hands as I mainly wanted to see where the donations raised from my charity walk this summer were being used. But when I emailed the team confirming my arrival date, adding as a footnote “I don’t want to get in the way so am more than happy to help out”, this must have been taken as […]

Joining Hands

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DAY 71: St Ives to Lands End – 19.80 miles  So this is it… the final push. It honestly feels like I’ve been waking up and walking forever, and I can’t quite imagine not doing it anymore. For the first time this trip, I had decided to set my alarm this morning, just in case on this most important of days I suddenly overslept! I also wanted to wash my hair, write out a new backpack notice, finish off my emergency porridge rations for breakfast and ideally get going by 9am. The weather was neither this nor that as I […]


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DAY 70: Portreath to St Ives – 18.70 Ok it’s back to business, and with some distance to walk I was determined to get up and out early. By 9am I’d finished my breakfast of cereal from my host, followed by a tin of beans and eggs left over from the campsite, and I was ready to head out into the drizzle. Today I could walk on the road or on the path, but as they run close to each other all day I could pretty much cherry pick whichever I fancied at the time. Starting with the steep road out […]

Ives nearly there

DAY 69: Portreath DAY OFF #3 Yep, howling wind outside the tent woke me around 6am, signalling the end of our Indian sunny spell. So much for a lie in on my day off! The plan had been to have a lazy morning around the campsite but the weather was just too bad so we decided to just pack up and get going… Stopping for breakfast in St Agnes at the eclectic Cornwall Cafe where we sat beneath the tea cups eating ham, egg and chips! Pip then dropped me off at the Portreath hotel near where I would be […]

Day of rest

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DAY 68: St Agnes to Portreath – 9.75 miles Again feeling lucky, I unzipped the tent this morning and was greeted to yet another glorious sunny morning. Almost a day off, the most direct route between St Agnes and Portreath is just 6.8 miles. But of course, I now had company, a support vehicle and all the time in the world so we could again take full advantage of the stunning longer coastal path. After a lazy start and tent side cooked (GF) breakfast, we jumped in the car and drove back to St Agnes. The photos speak for themselves, […]

Cliff capers

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DAY 67: Porth (Newquay north) to St Agnes – 16.00 Nothing beats waking up on a campsite with the sunrise, knowing that it’s going to be a beautiful day. Added to that, the luxury of a support vehicle and being able to eat what you want, when you want it… A quick cuppa, then Pip dropped me back to Porth where I picked up the trail from where I left off yesterday. I visited Newquay a few years ago on a road trip, spending 3 days driving around getting to know all its nooks and crannies, but I now realise […]

Perfect path

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DAY 66: Harlyn (Padstow) to Newquay (Porth) – 12.80 miles Later today I had a good friend from back home, Pip joining me for a few days… We will be camping in Newquay and he is going to help me to travel south from there over the next few days. Because my girl friends are not meeting me in Lands End until Wednesday I actually have quite a lot of time to kill, so not only can I now afford to take another day off (only my third the whole trip) I also have shorter weekend legs to cover. This […]

Crantock cavalry