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DAY 65: Camelford to Harlyn (Padstow) – 20.8 miles One week and counting… I can’t believe this adventure is soon coming to an end! Mind you I am looking forward to not having to walk every day, plan logistics and eat another cooked breakfast! But for today I said yes to Mick when he asked what I wanted to eat… It is fuel at the end of the day, and today I had a long distance to cover. My next destination was Padstow however I was walking the longer way round via Wadebridge as the more direct coastal route would […]

Millennium mile

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DAY 64: Crackington Haven to Camelford – 12.70 miles Waking up in this cosy hotel room by the ocean with the sun finally shining… it doesn’t get much better than that! On paper I didn’t have far to go today but after another full breakfast it was still difficult to get moving… And then – already forgetting what my body had worked out yesterday – I automatically gravitated across the road and back onto the coastal track. It’s difficult knowing full well that the path is going to take longer and knacker me out even more, but the opportunity to […]

Summer high

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DAY 63: Taylor’s Cross (Bideford) to Crackington Haven – 16.45 I decided on a light breakfast this morning as I would be walking through Bude around lunchtime and wanted to take a proper stop then. However I did leave the Peels with clean clothes, some invaluable advice about the South West Coast Path, my next couple of nights booked and a warm goodbye. Despite the heatwave the south east were experiencing today, first thing this morning as John drove me back across the Cornish border to where I’d finished walking yesterday, the weather was particularly grim. Thankfully the worst of […]

Cornish pasty path

DAY 62: Bideford to A39 (Taylor’s Cross) – 20.40 miles With a bacon butty for breakfast, a sandwich made up for lunch, not having to take all my things with me, John able to drop me where he collected me yesterday, and pick me up from where ever I walked to today – the scene was set for me to cover some serious mileage today. Again not really sure which way I was walking, the network of side roads south and west towards the coast were vast enough that I figured I could work it out as I went along. […]

Military miles

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DAY 61: Bratton Fleming to Bideford – 17.60 miles Premier Inn aside, that was one the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in on this trip and, as seems to be happening more and more recently, I really struggled to get up and moving this morning. I also knew I had quite a long day ahead to Bideford and I wasn’t entirely sure the best way to walk. But my host had left out breakfast so I was still able to load up and the sun was just about holding on outside. A day of two distinct halves, this morning was […]

Tarka trail

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DAY 60: Lynton to Bratton Fleming – 13 miles Waking at 4am I couldn’t get back to sleep so sat there in a fluffy towelling robe with the grey skies outside, knowing that today I was back to carrying all my stuff again… how I wish I could just forget all that and spend the day in bed! I hadn’t got a chance to meet Emma, who runs St Vincent House, last night but I did briefly this morning and not only does she cook a mean breakfast, she is also as lovely as my mum said she was. Although […]

Home straight

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DAY 59: Minehead┬áto Lynton – 18.40 So today we were checking out of Minehead and mum was heading home. But first she was going to drop my stuff at my next destination and on her way back, we would meet for a coffee. Again I didn’t sleep so well last night but as if on autopilot we had breakfast, showered, packed up and got going. This morning I was walking on the main road, but at least it wasn’t too busy… the rolling green hills continued, it remained mostly dry and before long I had arrived in Porlock where I […]

Over the hill

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DAY 58: Stogursey to Minehead – 18.10 miles For some reason I didn’t sleep very well at all… And today I knew I needed every ounce of energy as whichever way I went, there would be hills! Thankfully our host Michael let us help ourselves to whatever we wanted in the kitchen, so whilst I tucked into a big bowl of cereal, my mum made me boiled egg and soldiers ­čÖé Today again I had options of which way to walk, but the choice was obvious. With the benefit of being able to drive through the area I would soon […]

Quantock hills

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DAY 57: Pawlett to Stogursey (sleep Minehead) – 18.30 miles The sky this morning was full of summer, and you just knew it was going to be a nice day. After our Pontins buffet breakfast and check out, mum drove me back to the middle of the road, where I picked up walking from yesterday. Taking the A road until Bridgwater, I met up with mum one more time for a coffee break until heading off-road to pick up the River Parrett Trail. After previous experience following pathways rather than country lanes, and my recent River Severn Trail cow encounter, […]

Round in circles