NEPAL: Pokhara Lakeside – 5 days, November 2016 Pokhara lies 210km north west of Kathmandu and is a trekking-orientated tourist town. The lakeside area is totally geared up for people wanting to explore the Annapurnas range, with shops offering every kind of tour and selling every kind of trekking clothing and accessory. Although I recently walked 1080 miles across the UK, I certainly would not class myself as a “trekker”. I’m probably only a fair-weathered “hiker” at best so I didn’t visit Pokhara with any great desire to get any closer to the stunning snow caps, which were a constant backdrop during […]

Perfect Pokhara

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NEPAL: Volunteering, All Hands Nuwakot – One Week, November 2016 I really didn’t know what to expect when I inadvertently signed up to “volunteer” for All Hands Volunteers in Nepal. Originally I only intended to go visit the site; to check out where all the sponsorship money I had raised was being spent and then report back home. However from experiencing the earthquake – to walking 1080 miles this summer in the UK – to returning to Kathmandu and revisiting all the sites I been to just before and during the quake – to finally visiting Nuwakot where all the […]

My week in Nuwakot

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NEPAL: Kathmandu – 3 days Landing back in Kathmandu was a surreal experience. I was greeted with the most fantastic weather, way hotter than I was expecting with clear blue skies and hardly any humidity. I have since discovered that November is the best time to visit Nepal. Also I was amazed to see the white snow caps of the Himalayas fringing the city’s horizon throughout my stay; apparently its unusual to have such a clear view of them from Kathmandu so again my timing could not have been more perfect. I stayed at a friends apartment the first two […]

Namaste Nepal

NEPAL, Kathmandu – April 2015, 1 week Tuesday 21 April Travelling solo once again, I flew from the calm serenity of Bali to the hustle, bustle, city chaos of Kathmandu.  Nepal – my 65th country. Following a seamless airport pick up I checked into my room on the top (5th) floor of the Hotel Potala in the heart of Thamel. Thamel is distinguished by its narrow streets crowded with various shops, travel agents, restaurants, bars and budget hotels. My old hotel was pretty basic but the staff were extra friendly and they served great local food.  Sleeping was difficult though, […]

The day everything shifted