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DAY 60: Lynton to Bratton Fleming – 13 miles Waking at 4am I couldn’t get back to sleep so sat there in a fluffy towelling robe with the grey skies outside, knowing that today I was back to carrying all my stuff again… how I wish I could just forget all that and spend the day in bed! I hadn’t got a chance to meet Emma, who runs St Vincent House, last night but I did briefly this morning and not only does she cook a mean breakfast, she is also as lovely as my mum said she was. Although […]

Home straight

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DAY 59: Minehead to Lynton – 18.40 So today we were checking out of Minehead and mum was heading home. But first she was going to drop my stuff at my next destination and on her way back, we would meet for a coffee. Again I didn’t sleep so well last night but as if on autopilot we had breakfast, showered, packed up and got going. This morning I was walking on the main road, but at least it wasn’t too busy… the rolling green hills continued, it remained mostly dry and before long I had arrived in Porlock where I […]

Over the hill

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DAY 58: Stogursey to Minehead – 18.10 miles For some reason I didn’t sleep very well at all… And today I knew I needed every ounce of energy as whichever way I went, there would be hills! Thankfully our host Michael let us help ourselves to whatever we wanted in the kitchen, so whilst I tucked into a big bowl of cereal, my mum made me boiled egg and soldiers 🙂 Today again I had options of which way to walk, but the choice was obvious. With the benefit of being able to drive through the area I would soon […]

Quantock hills

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DAY 57: Pawlett to Stogursey (sleep Minehead) – 18.30 miles The sky this morning was full of summer, and you just knew it was going to be a nice day. After our Pontins buffet breakfast and check out, mum drove me back to the middle of the road, where I picked up walking from yesterday. Taking the A road until Bridgwater, I met up with mum one more time for a coffee break until heading off-road to pick up the River Parrett Trail. After previous experience following pathways rather than country lanes, and my recent River Severn Trail cow encounter, […]

Round in circles

DAY 56: Weston-Super-Mare to Pawley (sleeping Brean) – 16:40 miles Anne’s first breakfast suggestion was scrambled eggs with spoken salmon and we went no further than that. Waving Anne goodbye I definitely had a spring in my step as I set off south, and it wasn’t just because I was now by the coast and the weather forecast was looking promising. My mum was joining me later for 3 days; I couldn’t wait to see her and as our accommodation had all been sorted, I knew I could also enjoy a logistical free few days. Today goes down as one […]

Brean Vegas

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DAY 55: Winford to Weston-Super-Mare – 15.70 As this walk continues I am most definitely find it tougher and tougher to get going in the mornings. And it was another sluggish one today, not helped by the grey misty skies outside. I then sat in the cosy kitchen of my host after breakfast chatting about my walk, cows and Bondi… and could have easily just sat there all morning. But eventually I had to drag myself away and venture into the cold and wet. Not much more I can say about this mundane day, which consisted of road walking with […]

West to Weston

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DAY 54: Bath to Winford – 17.80 miles I woke early in my bunk, which was good because this morning was not going to be straight forward. There were two routes I could now take from Bath – either through Weston-Super-Mare or Glastonbury – and which was dependant upon hearing back from a potential couch surfing host in Glastonbury. Annoyingly they had been really forthcoming but had since gone quiet, and this morning still no email. Both destinations were also a 2 day walk away, and I was struggling to find anywhere to stay tonight on route to either! On […]


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DAY 53: Old Sodbury to Bath – 14.20 miles I must have needed my sleep – or maybe it was being back in a comfy bed – but for the first time this whole trip I overslept. Waking with a start at 8:15am I could easily have gone back to sleep, but typically I was meeting a friend in Bath so leaving on time was more important than usual. Somehow I managed to enjoy my first full breakfast in a while, before stepping out into the grey wet weekend air and picking up the pace. I had deliberately taken a slight […]

Weekend washout

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DAY 52: Dursley to Old Sodbury – 14.40 miles At 12:30am I was immediately awaken with spots of rain on my face… I should have realised that 0% chance of rain never actually meant zero, as I zipped myself up and waited. Thankfully it was just a brief shower so within a matter of minutes I was able to open the bivi completley back up… and I ended up sleeping right through until 7:30am! Typically I could easily have snoozed a while longer but I could see a dirty black cloud sat on the horizon so I wasn’t taking any […]

Fifty day treats