Pounding pavement

Pounding pavementI have to say, I’m finding it difficult to train right now – or rather I’m finding it difficult to find the time to train. What with working in central London, and trying to cram a years worth of home life and friends into just 3 months back home… there are just never enough hours in the day. I am however managing to pound pavement most nights when I leave the office in Holborn and head back to the Northern Line. The nicest route I’ve found so far is to walk down to the river and then follow the embankment round to Vauxhall Bridge and over to Oval, where I jump on the tube back to Morden. One day I will attempt to walk all the way back to Morden… but think I’ll wait until the weather heats up a bit. Then I won’t have to wear my socks and sandals haha (actually only done this once… promise!)

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