Food glorious food

Food-glorious-foodI’ve always had a healthy appetite, but what I hadn’t counted on – now that I’m walking every day – is how much hungrier I am going to be. But fortunately also how much more food I can now eat without putting on any weight.  All that yummy stuff I used to eat twice a day, I can simply now enjoy three times plus a daily sweet treat… guilt free! And this is just when I’m in training… apparently on the walk itself I’m going to struggle to keep weight on so on top of everything else, so I’m now looking forward to gorging my way down the length of the country. The next challenge is therefore going to be, how can I get away without carrying any food with me (outside of my body haha) whilst still keeping under budget. Hhhhmmm sure I’ll figure that out as I go along… whilst munching on a haggis burger or two 😋

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