5 months sober

Ginger-AleIts been five months since I last touched a drop of alcohol. I was in Sri Lanka at the time with no intention of giving up drinking – but one too many one night stopped me in my tracks, and really made me think about the effect it was having on me. Never that great at holding my drink – and never that fussed about drinking whilst in Asia anyway – one day became two… and suddenly five months later I’m still sober! Ginger ale is now my new tipple, and honestly it has been a revelation. So many aspects of my life have become easier – commuting to Central London, driving without FOMO, saving money, no more hangovers, and of course… I’m feeling way more alive and healthy whilst I train for this epic physical challenge ahead of me.  I am sure I will drink (red wine) again, but for now… I’m buzzing for all the right reasons.

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