Chuck it in the bucket

IMG_8700-300x200I haven’t even left the comfort of home, but the online donations have already begun. And today marks the first cash donation into my All Hands Volunteers collection bucket. Thanks Lisa xx I’m not planning on taking this bucket with me next week to Scotland… its going to be hard enough to carry all the essentials I need as it is! But hopefully when anyone comes to join me on route, they’ll be able to pick this up from my mums and bring it with them. Together with the All Hands t-shirt I’ll be wearing, I’m sure the presence of the bucket will help spur me on even more; as well as motivate those I meet along the way to donate their shrapnel to such a worthwhile cause.  Remember, just £5 pays for a solar lamp so that a child can study by light with when they are at home. Every little, really does help.

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