Go-West 2

JoG-to-Wick-A-roadBack in March I drew a line from end to end on Google maps and simply assumed that was the best way to go. This route therefore included the most direct road south from JOG through Wick, clinging to the coast towards Inverness. Now however in my bonkers last week I have finally managed to sit down and look at specifics for my first few days, plus read tips from fellow JOG’ers.  Surprised that one was suggesting I head west from JOG along the north coast of Scotland before heading south, this was his reply: “The A99/A9 IS TO PUT IT MILDLY VERY DANGEROUS. There are NO pavements. Trucks go past at 56mph with cars overtaking them at 60+. Its 4 deadly days. I don’t recommend it as a walking route. Your choice – death roulette or a safe walking route. I survived but only just!😳 I mean I like taking risks but on this occasion, hi-ho its to the west I go…

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