What goes up 4

Well they do say what goes up, must come down. Crazy to think though that my flights up took just a couple of hours and yet to walk back I’ll be sweating it out for over 10 weeks. I’ve not even started yet but it does already feel like I’m on a unique kind of journey… first in this little 30-seat SAAB 340 which flew me and just 4 other passengers (and an unlimited supply of biscuits) up to Wick. Then another surreal moment on arrival at the tiny wee airport at Wick (in brackets John O’Groats)… asking the lady at tourist information where I can catch the bus to John O’Groats to which unbelievably she replied, I don’t know. “Has no one ever asked you how to get to John O’Groats before?” Apparently not!

Anyway I finally got directed to a bus stop 10 minute walk away, where I was told a bus “might” go past at some point. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long before an empty bus pulled up which was going my way. The very chatty driver, obviously starved off clientele, then proceeded to give me a full commentary on the area (plus his thoughts on the EU referendum, Scottish independence etc) before waving me off… at the most northerly point on the Scottish mainland.




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