Shake, cattle and roll 3

DAY 17: Inveroran to south of Crianlarich – 17.80 miles *WHW day 4

Thankfully my mum and sister had managed to find the lovely Kilbride Lodge (due to cancellation of course) in the little town of Tyndrum, which lay perfectly south on our path. The extremely helpful owner Kate also agreed to put a blow up bed in the room to accommodate the three of us… So this morning after stocking up at breakfast and checking out, mum dropped both me and my sister back at the Inveroran Hotel so we could walk the first hour back to the Bridge of Orchy Hotel together. Then they headed south to move into our new digs whilst I continued on foot. The track in this stretch was much more level so I quickly got into stride, arriving in Tyndrum – where we were now staying – by 1pm. After my now customary lunchtime tea and biscuit stop, they went off to catch a train to Oban and I of course, kept walking…

The weather remained fine and I really enjoyed this afternoon, which also included my first friendly run in with Scottish cattle. Being laid out in the middle of my path, I didn’t really have much choice than to walk around them, but unlike some of the moody cows I have recently encountered, these horned creatures hardly gave me a second glance as I walked on by. More lush farmland, pretty streams and the ever present mountain backdrop, the miles simply slipped past… until suddenly around the 16 mile mark, I hit a wall. Weirdly I didn’t suffer any specific injury and, whist the terrain still required some stepping up and stepping down, this was no different to any of the other 3 days of this trek… but the Achilles’ tendon on my left foot suddenly started to burn like hell, making each step extremely painful. The last mile seemed to take forever before I arrived at the pre-arranged designated meeting place where my mum & sis were picking me up. A totally insignificant place on the main road where the WHW just happened to pass by underneath.

Arriving back at our B&B, Kate gave me a bucket and some salt and I bathed my aching ankle… which over the course of the evening, hobbling out to the local pub for dinner and back, seemed to get significantly worse! One last ditch effort of soaking my ankle in cold water before I went to bed, all I could do now was pray that the overnight rest would help or else I would be forced to take a day or two off…


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3 thoughts on “Shake, cattle and roll

  • Shenda

    Oh no, waiting with bated breath to hear whether your ankle recovered! I had a problem with my Achilles heel a few years back so I know how painful it is! Fingers crossed that you are already on your way as I write this. xx