Final family day 4

DAY 19: Inversnaid to Balmaha – 15.50 miles *WHW day 6

With a ferry to catch we were up, fed, packed and saying our goodbyes to Kate all ready to leave by 9am. Previously my sister had only joined me for an hour of the walk on day 4, however now she was going to join me for a whole morning! Assuring her that that second lower half of Loch Lomond was nowhere near as difficult as the top section, mum dropped us both at the pier on the west bank for our 10am ferry back to Inversnaid.

It was actually the perfect day today, with a mix of the last 4 days trails and terrains all rolled into one. In some ways nice to have the company, and the chance to get some action non-selfie photos although it was also more difficult, both wanting to walk, start, stop at different times and paces. By the time we got to the flat straight before lunch we were running a bit behind time so I took off ahead. With just a quick tea (apple and cheese) stop with mum at the first hotel she could drive up to coming from the south side of the loch, I left them both there as I quickly set off to cover the necessary 7 miles to my final destination of the day.

Being able to get into my own stride along simple paths and passing by many flat loch side beaches, the going went well. However I still didn’t arrive in Balmaha until 4:40pm, with mum and sis keen to head straight off to the airport, for their flight back to Gatwick. I quickly checked into my bunkhouse with the over friendly (I’m being sarcastic) Jock before grabbing a final few minutes with them. Finding out later that their easy jet flight was 2 hours delayed, was therefore frustrating for both their airport wait and our rushed goodbye. Feeling exhausted and a little emotional, I grabbed a take away pie from the local store and headed back to the bunkhouse to try and get a cheap and early night; sharing a mixed dorm with 1 girl and 4 guys… well at least I managed one of those haha!


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4 thoughts on “Final family day

  • Cathy

    Although I do not know you from Adam, I am following your blog with great interest. I am truly sorry that I am not on your itinary. I am a new couch surfer and would have loved to help out. Anyway, I think I am going to be on the Silk Road when you are passing through Cumbria. Good luck…one foot in front of the other and you’ll get there !

    • Marianne Post author

      Thank you Cathy… and THANK YOU for your donation and support. Yep will be in Cumbria in next week, but think you’re a little too east. Hey, if you fancy stretching your legs, you could always come say hi and join me for an hour or two? If not, hope you continue to enjoy my updates Mx