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DAY 21: Milngavie to Glasgow – 9.7 miles

After such a good sleep, I was in no rush to go anywhere! At the breakfast buffet I also took my time eating everything on offer, plus of course stashing the odd bit in my bag under the table for later. Still peeved about the amount of money I had to spend on one nights accommodation (3 or 4 times what I usually pay!) I then discovered that Milngavie is not 15 miles from the centre of Glasgow, but only 6.7 – which annoyingly meant there were actually many other (cheaper) options availabke. I could have simply walked the extra all the way to the city; I could have caught a bus, train or even taxi in, then come back out today to quickly tick off this final stretch; I could also have divided up the WHW route a little better, so that my final day deliberately ended in Glasgow. So many more options than paying £83 to stay in Milngavie.

Again I curse myself for my lack of forward thinking and in this case double checking. Why I thought it was 15 miles between Milngavie and Glasgow, I don’t know… but from now on I’m determined not to get caught out like this again.  This did mean however that I was in no rush to go anywhere, so spent the morning chilling at the Premier Inn, before checking out at 11:59.  I also took a more leisurely route into the city, going via the Botanical Gardens, chatting on my phone, not really taking much notice which way I was going just enjoying being a tourist getting my first taste of Glasgow.

In fact being back in a city was pressing all my buttons and similtaniously I wanted to eat at each and every exotic and wholefood restaurant, shop at all the colourful vintage and retro shops, get a new tattoo, enjoy a holistic massage and sample all the boutique wines, craft ciders and liquid treasures in the wonderfully named Valhalla’s Goat bottle shop. In fact I liked everything along the Great Western Road which lead away from the botanical gardens, so I made a mental note to return tomorrow when I have more time. For now I just wanted to get to the hostel and get out of my well-trekked clothes, so continued toward the town centre to find Euro Hostel. A massive, functional, well oiled backpackers where I picked up the stuff my mum had dropped off, found my bunk in the 4-bed dorm on the 8th floor, stuck on some washing, half hour later tried to find somewhere to hang it out to dry, went for a ginger beer in the hostel bar and then next door to Lidl’s to buy cheap soup and veggies for dinner. Standard backpacker stuff really.


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3 thoughts on “Glasgow city bound

  • Shenda

    I see you are making the most of your city time – how different that must be to your last few weeks! I take it you didn’t get a tattoo then!? x

    • Marianne Post author

      Haha no tattoo… Maybe if I had more time and money. Wouldn’t mind getting something at the end of this to mark the experience… But not JOGLE or dates, or feet… Have to have a think. Thanks anyway for your continued support of my blog 🙂 Mx

      • Shenda

        Yes, tattoo has to be right, although my feet ones are my fave (had em years now though and all faded and shit). No need to thank me, I’m loving my daily blog fix! X