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DAY 22: Glasgow day off

Unfortuately I woke with a really sore throat and the start of a cold. It was also grey and raining outside so if I didn’t have dirty great springs sticking up out of my mattress keeping me awake half the night, I would have just stayed in bed all day. Plus I had picked this whole route through Scotland (and ended up on the WHW as a result) so I could check out Glasgow, so felt I owed it to myself to at least give it a go. I only made it as far as George Square however, before I decided to join a tourist-round-the-city open top bus. I couldn’t really hear what the compère was saying (partly through street noise and partly due to her accent) but I got the gist of the attractions as we whizzed on by. The area that most interested me was to the right of George Square with the cathedral and all this amazing graffiti…but we were off and moving before I really got much chance to enjoy it.

It was a good way to get a flavour of the city, but once we started going through the exhibition areas, I knew I was ready to get off. The weather was also getting worse so I jumped bus, and headed back to Great Western Road; the street I had came in on yesterday which I had wanted to return to. For the rest of the afternoon I proceeded to cafe crawl, window shop and enjoy some nourishing-cold-blitzing tomato soup, as I made my way back towards the city. I also treated myself to a back and shoulder massage at www.massagetherapyglasgow.co.uk with the lovely Maureen. Booking just a half hour to help clear some pain and tension I was experiencing around my left shoulder blade, Maureen ended up working her hot stone magic over all my back and my now-bulging calf muscles… With the soft music, low lighting and wonderful nose clearing aroma of eucalyptus, for one blissful hour I really did feel like I was back in Bali. Thank you Maureen.

To complete my day of comfort, I enjoyed a cheap n cheerful chicken curry at the hostel bar and restaurant… before attempting another night of sleep on that bloody uncomfortable sticking out spring mattress. From the Premier Inn to Euro Hostel, you couldn’t get more chalk and cheese… but obviously you get what you pay for.


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One thought on “Spring (not) in my step

  • Debra Bobier

    What a grand adventure Marianne. But are you having fun! Hope you get some good rest tonight so you can shake off that sore throat. Challenging enough what you are doing when you are feeling 100%. Know this has to be tough. Sure the walk is just enhancing those already gorgeous legs. Post some pics. xo