Down at the farm 4

DAY 23: Glasgow to Strathaven – 20 miles

Although I was still a little sluggish from my cold, the sun was shining over head and I had already pre-booked accommodation at my next destination, so I was definitely ready to get moving again. Without even looking at the map, I simply crossed the road directly in front of the hostel and headed over the Glasgow Bridge… straight into downtown Glasgow. I have to admit there were a few moments then when I suddenly wondered whether I should have checked first for the most sensible way to leave this city, but it obviously turned out ok. I also had other things on my mind… or rather my back. For the first time in ten days I was back to carrying 100% of my load and I was really feeling it. In my legs and ankles, but mainly the dull ache underneath my shoulder blade which was hard to ignore. What with that, the double helping of breakfast and the lingering traces of cold, I was honestly knackered before I’d even gone a few blocks. It was going to be a long day…

Turns out the path out of the city also took me on a gradual incline – which I didn’t notice until I suddenly looked back to see the city in the distance and below. A few more hours, a pub-pint-pit-stop and then after crossing a park, the suburban scrawl suddenly gave way to cute villages and pretty farmlands. Definitely more pleasant surroundings, however I was still struggling and if it wasn’t for the booking I had already made in Strathaven I might have rethought my plans. Of course, I eventually found the energy from somewhere (mainly from all the tunes my friends were sending me after I’d put out the request!) and after about 7 hours of walking, I arrived at Bamflatt Farm. The third most expensive place I have stayed at on this journey, but tonight it was definitely worth it


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4 thoughts on “Down at the farm

  • Shenda

    I’m glad you’re heading back out to the countryside – people in the city don’t seem so kind and the surroundings are obviously not as pretty. I was wondering actually as you make your way down the country how much the people will change. I reckon you probably started in one of the friendliest parts of the country!? It will be interesting to see won’t it. X

  • Natalie Simpson

    Impressed you still managed 20 miles when you’re so tired. We’re just back from walking 11 miles yesterday & 8 miles today on the Thames Path & we’re exhausted! I really don’t know how you do it. Well done xx

    • Marianne Post author

      Haha says you who cycled to Australia… and back!!! It’s funny, when you have 20 miles to walk… you somehow find the extra energy (often I’ll save listening to music until those final few hours just in case!). But if I walk just 13 miles one day, when I’m approaching where I’m staying – no different to the 20 miles – is like my body knows, and starts to shut down those final few steps. If I walked 13 miles, thought I was stopping and then for whatever reason had to start walking again, I don’ think I could do it! Shows how much your mind is in control of your body!