Truck stop stop 2

DAY 27: Moffat to Lockerbie – 16.50 miles

So the most friendliest hotel in Scotland, can also add the best breakfast to their list of titles as well. In fact under other circumstances I could easily have taken a day off and enjoyed a little more of this home away from home. I would have also liked to see more of Moffat (which once held the title “village in bloom”) as on my way in last night, I was too tired to appreciate much. But with the weather generally getting worse rather than better over the last week, I just want to get south and try pick up some heat as soon as possible. Plus I’m not sure my waist line could take much more of the Bonnington hospitality!

Paul had suggested a place to stay in Lockerbie, but it was a bit out of my price range so I set off with nothing actually booked… just hoping I could wing it when I got there. It was still extra windy when I left Moffat but thankfully it didn’t look like rain was on the way. I was able to take some smaller village roads for about half of my journey today, so this helped stay out of some of the wind, and also keep my mind distracted from my food filled sluggish body. With the wind farm horizon now behind me, there were still plenty of sheep and even more nosey cows to break up the endless green. On rejoining the B road, it started to get cooler, and it was around this time I also realised that the replacement phone/tablet lead I had purchased in Glasgow was playing up. Connected to my life-saver battery pack, the power just kept switching on then off immediately, with the battery on my phone going down rapidly. As this means no ordance survey map, no music, no photos, no phone calls… it was a concern.

Feeling my body start to wilt, the random truck stop that suddenly appeared could not have come at a better time. 5 miles shy of Lockerbie I was sorely tempted to take one of the cheap rooms on offer here. At just £22 it would be cheaper than anything I’ll find in Lockerbie but it was only 3pm and these rooms were tiny, with no tele and all shared facilities with the truckers. Plus it would mean doing 20 miles the following day, which I knew in my current state I would really struggle woth. So I drunk my coffee (ate my apple and cheese under the table) and ploughed on. Rolling into Lockerbie with about 1% charge left on both my phone and my body, I went straight to the Townhead Hotel to see if I could get some kind of discount. In the end they let me have a large double room for £40 instead of £50, which I gladly took.

As ever I wasn’t that hungry but was really craving vegetables. The Townhead hotel also had a really lovely restaurant so I only needed to walk down the stairs from my room and was able to order some delicious well-needed veg for dinner. The fact they came with a steak and ale pie, and mashed potatoes on the side was a bonus. It wasn’t that expensive, and was probably one of the nicest meals I’ve eaten on this trip. Body recharged, I then managed to borrow a lead from behind the bar to top up all my devices… before snuggling down in my lovely big bed to enjoy some Olympic action on the tele (trying to forget, that I had to go back out tomorrow and do it all over again…)


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2 thoughts on “Truck stop stop

    • Marianne Post author

      Honestly Nat, I haven’t really wanted to stop up until now. I thought I might want to stop when the weather turned nice… But then when it was, it was actually the nicest time to walk. Friends or a sunbathing beach are probably the only two things that would get me to stop… Or a bad injury of course, but that’s not going to happen 🙂 Rather save the days off for Devon/Cornwall xx