Getting to Gretna 3

DAY 28: Lockerbie to Gretna – 16 miles *405 miles since JoG*

My last cooked breakfast in Scotland, which meant my last haggis… after they had managed to catch one of course 😉 Setting off a little later today, I took my time down the pretty main high street, stopping off at the huge Tesco’s on the way out of town to buy a new lead for my phone and tablet. I’m not sure why some days I really struggle and others I don’t clock/mile watch as much. But thankfully today was better than yesterday, as I followed the same B road south towards my final Scottish destination.

Walking through several small villages I am constantly amazed how these settlements exist without a single shop, pub or cafe where they might pick up daily supplies or meet with other locals. Apparently – outside the major cities – Scotland simply doesn’t have pubs… just hotels with a bar attached. Anyway just as I was about ready to take my apple and cheese break, I passed through another small village and spied the signage of a pub in the distance! It wasn’t a mirage though typically it wasn’t open on a Tuesday. This village however did have a convenience store so I pitched up outside and enjoyed my own little picnic.

Throughout the day the blue sky had made way for more and more ominous clouds, and as I set off on my final stage to Gretna the rain came.  That however could not dampen my spirits as I finally arrived at the border town of Gretna Green. Ignoring the cream tea cafes and outlet clothing stores I found my AirBnb for the night and was welcomed in by the lovely Janette. Chatting in the kitchen like old friends, it’s amazing the conversations you end up having – travel related usually – as you find out how many people there are out there who share the same dreams and lifestyles. Realising I was not capable of walking far to pick up dinner supplies, Janette drove myself and her other guest to the local shops where I swerved the fish and chip shop they were all buying from, settling on a boring tin of vegetable soup.


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3 thoughts on “Getting to Gretna

    • Marianne Post author

      I’m not a massive chip fan to be honest, and don’t like any of that stuff in batter. And honestly I have been eating SO much food all day. Sometimes I just crave veggies or something simple. But yes, smell of the salt & vinegar always gets me salivating and very nearly dragged me in that night…