Lovely Lancashire 2

DAY 35: Arnside to Lancaster – 17.30 miles

Dipping into my personal porridge supply this morning, I always said when the weather improves I’ll set off earlier… Truth is, the mornings are really the only time of the day when my brain is functioning and stuff gets done. So still not rushing I sat in the early morning sun to enjoy my breakfast and catch up on some admin. Then again with that feeling of holiday still in the air, I set off towards Lancaster.

Heading inland initially through leafy lined suburban streets my path then swung back out towards the coast at Silverdale. More idyllic landscapes, layers of green, quiet roads punctuated with just the right amount of places to stop for a coffee or refreshing drink.

It was around this time that I made contact with my couch surfing host who was putting me up tonight in Lancaster. Apparently he now had to work so would not actually be home, however I was still welcome at his place. As well as explaining how to get in and about his French lodger who I would most certainly meet, Cliff also said if I need any more help… just shout. He’d already done more than enough, but I had been struggling to find somewhere south of Lancaster to stay so asked whether he could recommend anywhere on route to Preston. When Cliff then suggested the house boat of his friend along the Lancaster canal path…. well my lovely day suddenly got a whole lot more exciting.

After heading inland to the town of Carnforth to stop for a pub lunch, I was then able to head back to the coast to enjoy an afternoon walking more of the beautiful rugged coastline just north of Morecambe. Getting totally caught up in my surroundings, I then had to pick up the pace in order to get to Lancaster by 5:30pm – as my mum had posted me a few things to a post office in the town centre, and I wanted to get there before closing. My good fortune for the day continued as I arrived at 5.25pm and despite the lady at the desk saying it probably wouldn’t have arrived if only sent yesterday, she returned from the back holding my package. A quick pub stop opposite to cool off and wind down, I continued through the surprisingly modern pretty town to find Cliff’s place. Letting myself in as instructed and making myself at home, I then met Lawrence the French lodger, who strangely enough had the strongest Oldham accent you’ve ever heard!


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