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DAY 37: Garstang to Preston – 17.8 miles

Waking early on the Mary-Sam after one of the best sleeps I’ve had in ages, and with the novelty of taking my morning cuppa and porridge on the floating deck… I vowed to take a boating holiday (with friends) just as soon as I can! It was also easy this morning to get going early, which I really needed to do because I was meeting friends at my final destination so the sooner I arrived, the longer I would have their company.

I was due to couch surf again tonight in Preston, however yesterday that fell through so I ended up booking a cheap B&B. There wasn’t much choice so I ended up with somewhere south and a little west of the city in the suburb of Chorley. At least it meant I didn’t have to walk through the city centre, and I was better set up for my walk the following day. With a fairly light breakfast on the boat, compared to what I’m used to anyway, I stopped at the first canal side pub I came to. And whilst officially they had finished doing breakfast, they agreed to rustle me up a bacon sarnie. Thank you Owd Nells Tavern at Bilsborrow. On what turned out to be another fabulous summers day, I could easily have followed the canal all the way to Preston but due to lack of time, I transfered to the road at the small village of Woodplumpton. And to be honest, my body felt heavy today and I was starting to notice the dull din of a never-too-far away motorway, so as I continued to pound hot pavement for those last few sweaty hours, it was music on and dig deep.

I didn’t realise I was going to feel so emotional seeing such familiar friendly faces after such a long hard slog. But arriving at the B&B and finding Tom and Daph waiting there to give me a big hug, I definitly had a lump in my throat. T&D are my Dad’s closest friends and I have known them my whole life, but I haven’t seem for a few years since they’ve moved up to Cheshire from Dorset about 3 years ago. So it was so lovely that they came to see me at the closest point to them, and to be treated to such a lovely dinner.


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