Puddle splashing 3

DAY 38: Preston (Chorley) to Ormskirk (Kirkby) – 18.2 miles

Oh well, at least I got to enjoy four glorious days of summer, which were definitely fun whilst they lasted. Filling up on my full English at the Brook House Hotel with the sounds of the heavy rain bouncing off the restaurant conservatory roof, I knew today was going to be about one thing only – transit. Head down, and just get on with it. And that is pretty much all I have to say about today as I walked towards Liverpool with 5 hours of continuous rain.

The only saving grace was the amount of places I did find to stop at along the way to briefly warm up and half dry off. Including the very welcoming “Original Farmers Arms” in Eccleston where I stopped to get a coffee and before I knew it, had suddenly ordered a warm double chocolate fudge cake with cream and ice cream. It honestly was a particularly hard slog today, so this sweet indulgence was easy to justify. I definitely could have done with my covered walking shoes today (which my mum had mistakenly taken back to Surrey with her) as after 18 miles my wet soggy sandals had really started to rub. At least I didn’t have to worry about crossing motorways or heavy traffic as I was able to make it all the way on the quieter B roads. And more importantly, I had a day off tomorrow.

I was to be spending my time in Liverpool with parents of two of my close friends in Sydney – Lisa and Kerry (who are cousins). Pauline and Brian were there to meet me in Ormskirk, and like yesterday after a hard days walking I couldn’t help but shed a tear of relief when I first saw them. They then drove me to Ray and Angela’s in Kirkby where Ang, as I knew she would, was immediately keen to start fattening me up with a massive homemade lasagna for us all.  So lovely to be amongst people I know, to be able to sort all my things out, catch up on admin and enjoy some home comforts. Weather forecast for tomorrow is also more of the same…


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3 thoughts on “Puddle splashing

  • Shenda

    Oh no, can’t your mum send your shoes ahead for you somewhere? It’s supposed to be glorious sunshine now for the next week (touch wood, as we’re off camping this weekend!) so your sandals should be sufficient (for a while at least!) x