Merrell Monday 3

DAY 41: The Wirral (Storeton) to Chester – 17.50 miles

Rob was on breakfast duty this morning (what a ⭐️) so whilst he was busy preparing that, I was upstairs repacking my bag. As for the first time in over a week the contents were going back up to 100%, having sent my tent and sleeping bag ahead of me from the Lake District. On a cheerier note, I also had a new pair of sandals waiting for me here. The soles on my old pair had suddenly started to disintegrate so I’d ordered this new pair few days ago to be delivered here. This will be my 4th pair of Merrell Kahuna III sandals in total – the 2nd as part of this trip – and I simply love them. They feel like a second skin and won’t even need breaking in… Plus I have a feeling that the recent sores I’ve had from my old pair rubbing, was simply because they had got wet so often they had started to stretch.

So leaving my old pair behind and picking up the packed lunch Maz had made me, I set off with Rob and Rosie for the first half hour. Stupidly trying to avoid the mud and any large puddles which I know that is totally unrealistic long term, but just for today I wanted them to stay lovely and new. Whilst the skies had looked clearer first thing this morning, by the time we set off it had started to drizzle and then no sooner had I said goodbye to Rob, than the rain descended. I wasn’t really due a stop but I was already feeling the extra weight in my pack, and I had some calls to make, so stopped at a little cafe in Thornton Hough. Whilst there the rain actually got worse, so I gotkinda stranded for a good hour or so.  The ladies were really lovely though… taking my photo and details so they could mention me on their Facebook page.

Getting going again, I managed to avoid the main road (and larger puddles) until the last few miles. Thankfully by then the rain had cleared but my backpack was certainly not easing up, so I ended up taking lots of extra little breaks. I had booked a hostel ahead in Cheshire for tonight so knew where I was heading, however by the time I eventually got there, I was really struggling. I was checked in by the friendly Lindsay, who also carried my bag up to my dorm room and even donated to my charity. Everyone there seemed interested in what I was doing, so it was a shame that – of all the days – I was even less capable than usual of conversation. I just about had the energy to eat and then flop onto my bottom bunk.  I did try and sort out somewhere to stay tomorrow night… but even that felt like one step too far, so gave up in the end and watched something easy on the iplayer.


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