Plums away

DAY 51: Brookthorpe to Dursley – 17 miles

Jane left me out some bread last night so as well as cereal this morning, I was able to do some marmite on toast – and take a few rounds away with me. Both last night and then again this morning I had been unsuccessful in finding somewhere cheap to stay for tonight, so it would appear the only option left was to camp. As I left the house the weather was looking really good so all I could do was pray that these blue clear skies continued and the horizon would stay clear for the next 24 hours!

This morning was spent walking along cute country lanes flanked by nice houses, farms and farmland. Stopping to purchase a massive bag of plums outside someone’s house for just a quid, I snacked on these and the marmite sandwiches as I went. Arriving at the main road by lunchtime, for once there were wide pavements each side so I didn’t have to worry about oncoming traffic. Plus this stretch was dotted with pubs, so I crawled along stopping for a refreshing soda at each whilst enjoying the sunshine. Knowing that when I reached the campsite I probably wouldn’t have any food options, I pitched up at the last pub for a while and ordered their cheap two course special. Loaded up and starting to feel really drowsy I continued to the campsite, relieved that the skies were still looking promising.

Arriving at the Hogsdown Caravan park whilst there was still a bit of strength in the sun, the owner Kerry showed me to the best spot under a tree and also waived the pitch fee for me. I had only just set up when a guy came over intruiged that I seem to have the “smallest tent in the world” and invited me to join him and his mate at their permanent set up pitch for a drink.  Swerving the wine for a cuppa and a gingerbread man biscuit it was nice to chat to them for a while, before the smallest tent in the world beckoned me back. By now I was really tired so I prayed it would stay dry all night and I could finally get my long restful nature nights sleep.


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