Fifty day treats 3

DAY 52: Dursley to Old Sodbury – 14.40 miles

At 12:30am I was immediately awaken with spots of rain on my face… I should have realised that 0% chance of rain never actually meant zero, as I zipped myself up and waited. Thankfully it was just a brief shower so within a matter of minutes I was able to open the bivi completley back up… and I ended up sleeping right through until 7:30am! Typically I could easily have snoozed a while longer but I could see a dirty black cloud sat on the horizon so I wasn’t taking any chances. Quickly transferring everything to the laundry room, my successful camping experience was complete when I found a regular old kettle so I could at least start my day with a hot drink.

Showered, packed up and ready to start moving earlier than usual – and realising that maybe I should give the plums a bit of wide berth today – I set off in search of somewhere to get breakfast. Kerry had suggested two places on my route and thankfully the second – The Farmers Table – was open. By now it was gone 10am so I decided to go straight for lunch at this fabulous large cafe, which sold all local food and homemade produce. I am of course by now in the heart of the Cotswolds, so it was a shame that the weather had decided to take a turn as it rained on and off for the rest of the afternoon.

Walking through the cute village of Wickwar I decided to shelter from the showers at a little coffee shop. With every intention of getting a hot drink, I somehow ended up ordering pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate sauce and Cotswold ice cream… very naughty but extremely nice! I then realised that even though I’ve been going for 52 days, with just two days off this was therefore my 50th day of walking so that definitely deserved this treat. I had also now pre-booked my accommodation for tonight… very much over budget, it really was the only choice in what I now realised is probably the most expensive tourist area that I’m going to walk through. So again, I saw this as a treat as I checked into the Cross Hands Hotel. Everything was now kinda soggy too so I managed to hang everything out to air, and enjoy all the mod-cons that are to be expected with a proper hotel. Steak and chips off the specials board completed my day of treats.


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3 thoughts on “Fifty day treats

    • Marianne Post author

      Yep a journey like this seems to be full of hardship – followed by reward. Trouble is, I take the hardship in order to save £ but then you need a reward, buts it’s hard to do that without spending money. And so the cycle begins again 😉