Weekend washout 1

DAY 53: Old Sodbury to Bath – 14.20 miles

I must have needed my sleep – or maybe it was being back in a comfy bed – but for the first time this whole trip I overslept. Waking with a start at 8:15am I could easily have gone back to sleep, but typically I was meeting a friend in Bath so leaving on time was more important than usual. Somehow I managed to enjoy my first full breakfast in a while, before stepping out into the grey wet weekend air and picking up the pace. I had deliberately taken a slight detour on this trip so I could walk through Bath – a city I’ve heard is beautiful but have never actually visited. And from glimpses I got of the surrounding countryside as I walked along, up and down winding country lanes, I could tell I should be enjoying some spectacular views. Unfortunately however the initial drizzle was starting to get heavier and heavier and the higher I seemed to climb, the lower the cloud seemed to sit.

As I finally descended into Bath and with no let up in the rain, the deserted streets had turned into streams. By far the wettest I have been this whole trip, I found the YMCA and checked into my all female dorm which had 5 triple bunks squeezed into the one space. What I wouldn’t give to be the hotel from last night but of course, you get what you pay for. I went for a top bunk which had the most head space, somehow found somewhere to hang my wet stuff and quickly changed. Certainly not a place you want be hanging out for the evening, I was more grateful than ever that my mate had made the journey to come and see me this afternoon. And after enjoying a lovely few hours and dinner with her, randomly another friend from Bristol then swung by on his way to Gatwick with his girlfriend. Again so nice to see some friendly faces, we hung out for a few hours at the local pub, until it was time for me to sulk back to my top bunk. So my time in Bath was definitely not a complete wash out.


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