Friend-fest 3

DAY 54: Bath to Winford – 17.80 miles

I woke early in my bunk, which was good because this morning was not going to be straight forward. There were two routes I could now take from Bath – either through Weston-Super-Mare or Glastonbury – and which was dependant upon hearing back from a potential couch surfing host in Glastonbury. Annoyingly they had been really forthcoming but had since gone quiet, and this morning still no email. Both destinations were also a 2 day walk away, and I was struggling to find anywhere to stay tonight on route to either!

On this whole journey, the walking has actually been the easy bit and trying to work out logistics for my journey has proved to be far more draining. But with no one else to figure it out for me, I somehow had to… and quick as it was already 10am and I needed to start walking… somewhere!?  Eventually I managed to find an AirBnb place half way towards Weston-Super-Mare so that was how the decision was made… and I finally set off for the beach. And thankfully such a contrast to yesterday, apart from the odd bit of drizzle it remained dry most the day. As I continued west along lovely country lanes, through pretty villages, passing lots of horses being ridden and fruit being given away!

Out of the blue this morning, I was contacted by an old school friend who happened to be in the area for the weekend, and wanted to come give me a hug. Then whilst adding her to my “Find Friends” app, I noticed another good friend just 13 miles away, who I text immediately. So suddenly I had them both coming to find me at a pub I’d picked out in the fantastically sounding Chew Magna. And I had only just demolished the biggest roast dinner ever, when this friend-fest began. Surreal but so lovely to see their friendly faces and so very grateful to them (husbands and kids in tow) for making the detour. Short but sweet, I waving goodbye as the pub closed at 6:30om and then I had to continue walking to my Airbnb for the night… which when I put the actual postcode into my phone (rather than the town which I’d been working to all day) turned out to be twice as far as expected. It was therefore dark when I walked those last few country lanes to my final destination. My welcoming host immediately offered to launder my clothes, offered me a soak in the bath and a cup of tea. I gratefully accepted all three, then bedded down to some Sunday night tele.


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