West to Weston 1

DAY 55: Winford to Weston-Super-Mare – 15.70

As this walk continues I am most definitely find it tougher and tougher to get going in the mornings. And it was another sluggish one today, not helped by the grey misty skies outside. I then sat in the cosy kitchen of my host after breakfast chatting about my walk, cows and Bondi… and could have easily just sat there all morning. But eventually I had to drag myself away and venture into the cold and wet. Not much more I can say about this mundane day, which consisted of road walking with my hood up and not much else. When quiet country lanes eventually came out onto the main road, the first place I came across to eat was a fish and chip shop, so I treated myself to pie and chips.

I was couch surfing again tonight in a suburb of Weston-Super-Mare called Uphill at the home of Anne, a lovely retired lady who has travelled nearly as much as me! A friendly welcome – tick – somewhere to hang my still wet laundry – tick – a cosy room – tick – easy conversation – tick – two helpings of a yummy dinner – tick – and then time for bed. And with the knowledge that my mum was joining me tomorrow (so with the next 3 days already planned) I was able to enjoy a stress free nights sleep.


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