Brean Vegas

DAY 56: Weston-Super-Mare to Pawley (sleeping Brean) – 16:40 miles

Anne’s first breakfast suggestion was scrambled eggs with spoken salmon and we went no further than that. Waving Anne goodbye I definitely had a spring in my step as I set off south, and it wasn’t just because I was now by the coast and the weather forecast was looking promising. My mum was joining me later for 3 days; I couldn’t wait to see her and as our accommodation had all been sorted, I knew I could also enjoy a logistical free few days.

Today goes down as one of those days however where I walked unneccesary distance and wasted unneccesary time. In hindsight I shouldn’t have decided to walk via Brean (where we were staying tonight) to drop off the heavy contents of my bag… it’s just carrying my heavy bag really has been the bane of this walk so any chance to lighten the load I automatically jump at it. And with this in mind, I therefore made the significant 2-3 hour detour via Brean. However mum happened to turn up earlier than expected, literally just after I’d made that drop so really it was all in vane! But never mind; mum was here, my pack was light and the sun was shining.

A quick hello, my mum then tailed me down the coast as I finally managed to get some miles under my belt… Today was actually a good mix of terrains and views, great weather, the biggest blackberries so far and a nice late lunch spot in Burnham on Sea. Being able to stop mid-road when it suited me, mum then picked me up and we drove back north to Brean and our accommodation for the night. Which just so happened to be a Pontins Holiday Camp! Actually the whole coastline around Brean is jam packed with holiday parks, caravan clubs, amusement arcades and cheap places to eat. Definitely not our scene, I was just relieved it was not last week before the kids had gone back to school. And it was cheap at just £49 for us both including breakfast. Checking into our chalet which actually slept 4 people, I was amused to see it was identical to a chalet I had stayed in with my girlfriends at Butlins in the late 80’s. We simply dumped our stuff and headed straight back out as I wanted to see Weston-Super-Mare before it got dark. A nice coastal drive, a drink then supermarket stop to buy some snacks we went back to our chalet to put our Pontins plastic sheets on our little single beds and watch the Pontins “retro” 12 inch square tele.



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