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DAY 58: Stogursey to Minehead – 18.10 miles

For some reason I didn’t sleep very well at all… And today I knew I needed every ounce of energy as whichever way I went, there would be hills! Thankfully our host Michael let us help ourselves to whatever we wanted in the kitchen, so whilst I tucked into a big bowl of cereal, my mum made me boiled egg and soldiers 🙂 Today again I had options of which way to walk, but the choice was obvious. With the benefit of being able to drive through the area I would soon be walking back through, it was clear the centre part of my journey today – through the Quantock Hills – would be pretty dangerous following the main A-road which for the most part was just a narrow two-lane winding road. So already breaking my rule set just the day before, I decided to go off road again and picked a decent looking track that went the shortest route up and over the hills. At least up there, there should be slim chance of running into cows!

From Stogursey I was able to enjoy quiet country lanes for the first hour before I then turned off road and started to head up. The first section climbed through a wooded area, before it evetually came out at the top of the hill and I was greeted with the most spectatcular view. Another wow moment, the would definitely be in my top 3 of beautiful vistas this trip. And thankfully the sun was just clinging on as it was extra windy up there and when the sun did briefly go in, the temperature dropped significantly. The walk across the top then took another hour or so… enjoying stunning 360 degree scenery all the way. I only saw 3 other people on this whole section – two cyclists – then a local lady walking her dogs, who tried to show me where a large group of deer were grazing on a far away slope. Luckily she had binoculars as I would never have seen them with my naked eye!

Once down the other side, I met my mum at a pub for a drink – and to sneakily eat my packed lunch under the table – before I continued along the main road. There were still a few tight busy sections of road, but it was mostly ok, the weather stayed good and the scenery amazing. One more coffee stop with mum in Williton, before she headed back to Minehead by car… and me by foot, finally coming to a knackering halt just slightly west of the town to make it easier for tomorrow. We finished off my mums little holiday with dinner that night in Minehead, and then home to pack… again.


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