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DAY 60: Lynton to Bratton Fleming – 13 miles

Waking at 4am I couldn’t get back to sleep so sat there in a fluffy towelling robe with the grey skies outside, knowing that today I was back to carrying all my stuff again… how I wish I could just forget all that and spend the day in bed! I hadn’t got a chance to meet Emma, who runs St Vincent House, last night but I did briefly this morning and not only does she cook a mean breakfast, she is also as lovely as my mum said she was. Although she did just tell me that the bus top for Bratton Fleming was just at the end of the road, so she was also naughty for putting that thought in my head 😉 Walking in last night I assumed I had already walked uphill enough, so my body groaned when I saw there was still more up to do before I could leave the coast and finally start to head south.

But yes, I now realised that I am indeed on the homeward (downhill?) straight and when the skies started to clear and then a gentleman pulled over from a supermarket delivery van and handed me two rounds of sandwiches… suddenly today began to take on a whole new meaning. And the scenery was quite beautiful; quintessentially English with fields of patchwork green as far as the eye could see, each dotted with white fluffy sheep. Quite a short walk today but I stopped often to take in the scenery… and to try eat some of the fruit I’d collected over the last few days with mum, which I now realised was unnecessarily weighing down my backpack!

Arriving mid-afternoon at the small village of Bratton Fleming which has been built on a steep slope, I imagine everyone who lives here must have pretty decent calf muscles (or the opposite and simply drive everywhere!) It also meant I didn’t want to have to wander around trying to find where I was staying however even though I’d been emailed pretty consise instructions (with photos!) to Franklyn House, I still couldn’t find it! But that was actually quite lovely as from one car with three guys inside who initially pulled over to help, to the next couple walking up the street to another walking down… It suddenly seemed like half the village had stepped out to get involved and help. Eventually someone worked it out, and I was finally able to let myself into my little self contained area off the main house which Mark, my absent host for the night, had so kindly left unlocked for me. I still had some of the afternoon and the whole evening ahead of me, but with enough food to snack on I didn’t have to go anywhere else so was finally able to really relax in the most perfect of pads.


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