Millennium mile 2

DAY 65: Camelford to Harlyn (Padstow) – 20.8 miles


One week and counting… I can’t believe this adventure is soon coming to an end! Mind you I am looking forward to not having to walk every day, plan logistics and eat another cooked breakfast! But for today I said yes to Mick when he asked what I wanted to eat… It is fuel at the end of the day, and today I had a long distance to cover. My next destination was Padstow however I was walking the longer way round via Wadebridge as the more direct coastal route would involve crossing a body of water. I had managed to make that work for me in Liverpool but this seemed different, so I wasn’t prepared to do it. Also I was without pre-booked accommodation as I hadn’t been able to find anything reasonable online so was hoping a walk-in would prove more successful.

Another sluggish and rather chilly start, things did start to warm up quickly as I found myself darting from one side of the main road to the other to avoid traffic coming towards me round blind bends. Mick had warned me about following the main A39 south but for the first few miles there was nothing I could do about it. It was also during this time that I rang one of the hotels that I had emailed about staying tonight, just to double check they couldn’t offer me anything. I spoke to a gentleman called Dan who confirmed they were full, but on hearing about my walk said to leave it with him and he would find me somewhere. Calling back a short while later Dan had managed to get my a half price room at the Haryln Inn, where he used to work. Apparently he is going to cycle JOGLE next year so was keen to help. What a star! So that was one issue dealt with, and when I was able to turn off the main road and take a quieter side road for most of my ongoing journey into Wadebridge, that was also a relief.

By the time I arrived in Wadebridge it really felt like summer so I stopped for a bag of chips in the centre of town to enjoy some sunshine. The good thing about taking this route meant that my ongoing journey west to Padstow was obvious, as I could easily follow the Camel Trail all the way along the River Camel estuary. What a great path, watery scenery to my right and a mix of people both walking and cycling. Stopping half way along for a coffee at a cute little pop up cafe, it was only when I arrived in Padstow that I realised how much further I still needed to walk to Harlyn. Skirting the centre of Padstow, and now back on the ups and downs, I simply had to push on through. This final stretch also coincided with my 1000th JOGLE mile!!! I always knew I would end up walking 1000+ (the shortest journey end to end is 874 miles) but didn’t realise I would end up covering quite this many… so pat on the back to me!

Finally arriving at the tiny seaside hamlet of Harlyn just as it was starting to get dark and cold. I watched the surfers catching their final waves of the day for a few minutes before going to check-in. With no internet in the room, I just about had the energy to grab a small but very tasty portion of paella back in the bar before retiring to my room and some trashy easy watching tele.

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2 thoughts on “Millennium mile

  • Shenda

    You’ve definitely got luck on your side because whenever you seem to be in a bit of a sticky situation (for instance in relation to your bed for the night) someone comes up trumps for you! Karma at its best I’m sure! x