Crantock cavalry 2

DAY 66: Harlyn (Padstow) to Newquay (Porth) – 12.80 miles


Later today I had a good friend from back home, Pip joining me for a few days… We will be camping in Newquay and he is going to help me to travel south from there over the next few days. Because my girl friends are not meeting me in Lands End until Wednesday I actually have quite a lot of time to kill, so not only can I now afford to take another day off (only my third the whole trip) I also have shorter weekend legs to cover. This means I can now take the more challenging but interesting South West Coast path with Pip. Of course first I had to get through today, so ignoring the coastal path for now I forced down another big breakfast then set off from Harlyn.

It was a particularly cold and extra windy for most of the morning so I was almost thankful for the ups and downs to keep warm up. Another cliff side coffee stop to shelter on a particular bleak section, Pip then found me walking on the road, just shy of a pub in Trevarrian. So that is where we met and caught up over a soda (me) and pint (him) whilst I got more interest from locals, and another cash donation. Pip then drove off with my entire pack and for the first time in 66 days I was able to enjoy a completely pack-less two hour walk – with improving weather – along the coast through Watergate Bay and into Porth (north Newquay) where my carriage awaited.

Our campsite was in Cranock (south Newquay) so we headed straight there where I didn’t have to lift a finger as it was all set up… blow up bed, heater… everything but the kitchen sink. How very different to camping with just a bivi tent! A night down the local in Cranock finished off our evening as we plotted our walk for tomorrow, and Pip got to see Chelsea loose to Livepool.




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