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DAY 67: Porth (Newquay north) to St Agnes – 16.00


Nothing beats waking up on a campsite with the sunrise, knowing that it’s going to be a beautiful day. Added to that, the luxury of a support vehicle and being able to eat what you want, when you want it… A quick cuppa, then Pip dropped me back to Porth where I picked up the trail from where I left off yesterday. I visited Newquay a few years ago on a road trip, spending 3 days driving around getting to know all its nooks and crannies, but I now realise nothing beats exploring on foot in order to really get to know somewhere. Feeling weightless I following the coastline round to the centre of Newquay, through the familiar town centre, then out the other side where I crossed the wet sand of The Gannel, finishing with the coastline round to Crantock Beach.

By now it was brunch and I was hungry, so I could finally enjoy the perfect protein start to my day with a nice juicy steak – thanks mum for buying and Pip for cooking! And then we both set off south, direct from the campsite and back onto the South West Coast Path. The weather just got better and better as we enjoyed spectucular scenery through Holywell, down the length of Perranporth beach where we stopped for a drink, then back up onto the cliff edge as we made our way round to St Agnes. After our stunning afternoon we were about to debate whether to stop in St Agnes for a snack and/or how to get back to Newquay, when our decision was made for us in the form of a bus suddenly coming up the road towards us. The over-friendly driver pulled over and let us on… heading straight into Newquay we finished off our great but long day with a gorgeous meal, sinking a few coins in the amusement arcade, then a taxi back to the campsite.
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