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DAY 68: St Agnes to Portreath – 9.75 miles


Again feeling lucky, I unzipped the tent this morning and was greeted to yet another glorious sunny morning. Almost a day off, the most direct route between St Agnes and Portreath is just 6.8 miles. But of course, I now had company, a support vehicle and all the time in the world so we could again take full advantage of the stunning longer coastal path. After a lazy start and tent side cooked (GF) breakfast, we jumped in the car and drove back to St Agnes.

The photos speak for themselves, maybe more ups and downs than the day before and definitely a little more blustery but I’m sure there is still no better way to see the Cornish coastline. Just outside St Agnes is where they film scenes for some programme called Poldark, and apparently they were scheduled to film the next day which everyone was getting excited about. Continuing along the rugged cliff tops, the tide was in our favour so we then headed down to walk along the beach at Porth Towan. Stopping at the other end for lunch at a cute little surf cafe where the time suddenly felt right to have a Cornish cream tea, which thankfully did not disappoint. With renewed energy we then set off back up to the top of the cliffs. Passing us as we did were 3 boys on trail bikes, who I didn’t take that much notice of at the time however we were soon to hear them, and then see them, trying to make it up one of the upcoming hills. The long flight of steps was unbelievably steep and they seemed to have already taken two bikes up, presumably separately like they were now trying to do with the third. With one lad attempting to drive/steer and the other two helping to haul/push them uphill, it was exhausting just watching them. Somehow they managed to get the final bike up and only when we were sure there was no risk to a bike landing on our heads, did we follow.

Considering we had only covered such a short distance today, we were both completely knackered as we finally arrived in Porthreath just before 5pm. Porthreath is the village where I will be staying tomorrow in a pre-booked AirBnb place for my third and final day off. So after sussing out the town, we decided to catch a cab back to St Agnes and then drive back to one of the Crantock pubs for dinner. It was Sunday after all, so I was keen to track down a roast… Mission successful and finally after two full days of food, exercise and sea air Pip was somewhere near as knackered as me. So no sooner had we got back to the tent we crashed out… immediately hearing the pitter patter of rain on the outside of the tent, I think our run of good weather was about to come to an abrupt end.



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