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BALI: 2 weeks

So my epic 10 week adventure was over… I arrived back in Surrey, put my feet up and literally didn’t move for 3 days! Then I flew over to Ibiza for 3 days to meet some friends, catch the last of the European summer rays and dance for 14 hours straight at the SPACE closing (forever) party. Honestly my feet hurt more after that night than during any point of my 10 week walk!  Then just two more weeks at home unpacking and repacking, I jetted off again on my next 6 month adventure.

First stop Bali, where I spent the first week with my girlfriend from Sydney doing all the best of the touristy stuff first on the coast, then back up to my favourite place on the island, Ubud. I also got to catch up with other friends, receive some much needed pampering, reorder more ponchos, see the man who sells my MiSS PiCCY photos in Ubud, enjoy all my favourite meals at all my favourite restaurants… and ultimately give me feet some much needed rest.

Well nearly… as my feet do still twitch from time to time so I couldn’t resist putting on the same Merrell sandals that have been doing me proud since Liverpool and revisit some of my favourite Ubud paths. So same same, though its definitely a whole lot hotter than the UK!


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