How can you help?

To everyone’s amazement – including my own – I am attempting this marathon mission completely off my own back. I am not however too proud to put my hand out and accept help, so here is how you can get involved:


The most obvious, but the most important. Every penny of your donations will go straight towards projects taking place right now in Nepal. Please visit my just giving page for further information.

Share my Facebook posts

Social media is going to play a big part in this walk, so whatever you can share on your own Facebook, twitter etc will be amazing in helping to spread the word. Ultimately all posts will be linked to this site, and then onto my just giving page. But whether it is help to increase donations or simply help in making new connections, whatever waves you can generate will be very gratefully received.

Introduce me to friends along the JOGLE route

Finding places to stay along the way is going to be one of my biggest hurdles both in terms of finding places actually on my route, and with regards to cost. So if your second cousin twice removed, or an old work colleague you haven’t seen for 10 years but you’re still connected to on Facebook… just happens to live along or near my proposed route, please please connect us.

Let you entertain me

Another joy about walking so much, is being able to reconnect with music. So any new tune, artist, album or even podcast that you think might help entertain me during my 1000 mile adventure, please feel free to share with me.

Come join me

Although I do want to complete the entire route on my own, that doesn’t mean to say I wouldn’t ❤️ love ❤️ to have people come join me along the way. Cycle alongside, walk an hour, a day, a weekend or don’t walk at all but simply come meet me at meal or break times. Your company would be very very welcome. Bring your own wheels, rent a car or hop on the train. Not only would your support be amazing, but it also means some of my provisions can get refreshed along the way (as I will leave a duplicate pile of things at my mums for such occasions). Simply check out my proposed route, keep following my progress and work out where you fancy joining me.

Approximate dates and destinations are as follows:
13-07-2016: John O’Groats
28-07-2016: Fort William
04-08-2016: Glasgow
09-08-2016: Gretna Green
19-08-2016: Liverpool
25.08.2016: Shrewsbury
02.09.2016: Bristol
08.09.2016: Illfracombe
22.09-2016: Lands End