JOGLE: the facts


The straight-line distance from Lands End to John O’Groats is 603 miles. Signposts found at either end read 874 miles, however the current quickest route by road, utilising modern bridges, is 814 miles (1,310 km). There is also a network of long distance footpaths for off-road walkers, who typically end up walking about 1,200 miles (1,900 km).


The end to end journey can be walked, ran, cycled on a regular bike, tandem, quadricycle, even unicycle. It has been completed on a horse, wheelchair, skateboard, with a shopping trolley… it has even been swum. You can do it on your own, in a group, frontward, backwards, with or without shoes, carrying all your belongings including a tent, or let a support vehicle take the load. The oldest person to complete the journey on foot was 74.


Obviously you can take as long as you like, but you have to complete it in one go to qualify as being an end to ender. This list gives you some idea as to how little time you could do it:

 47 minutes. Flown in a McDonnell Douglas F-4K Phantom
 1 day, 21 hours. The current record for a push-bike
 10 days. The current running record, set by Don Ritchie and Richard Brown
 12 days, 3 hours. The current male walking record, set by Malcolm Barnish of the 19th Regiment
 13 days, 17 hours. The current female walking record, set by Ann Sayer
 26 days, 7 hours. Time taken by one person to walk it backwards
 49 days. Time taken for David Sullivan to walk, hitting golf balls all the way
 71 days. My current record… never to be beaten by me!


Starting at Lands End (LEJOG)

✅ Generally mild climate
Easy to reach by public transport
Gentle terrain in first few weeks, depending on route
Plenty of amenities e.g. accommodation, shops, refreshment stops
Allows earlier start in the year
Sun will be on your back and not in your eyes

❎ Overcrowded in peak season
Tough coast path, depending on route
Sense of heading “uphill” to Scotland
Danger of running into Scottish midge season in July/August
Walking through Cornwall and Devon seems to take forever!

Starting at John O’Groats (JOGLE)

✅ Gets the mountains out the way early
Quickly improves your fitness and stamina
Less traffic and tourist overcrowding
Psychologically “downhill” to southern England

❎ Lack of amenities, especially in far north!
Road walking unavoidable
High and remote terrain early on
Potential of cold and wet weather
Sun will often be in your eyes and not on your back!