Why walk 1000 miles?

Why walk 1000+ miles?

Its the question everyone keeps asking me (and I keep asking myself)… and for good reason. I’ve never been a sporty person and I’ve never shown any interest in travelling around the UK. But therein lies one of the reasons:

To see more of the UK

I honestly know the geography of Australia way better than I do the UK. I haven’t spend much time in Scotland or the north of England, so I figured it was about time I finally explored what is on my own doorstep.

Personal challenge

Travelling/backpacking can be challenging – both physically and emotionally. Its not the “holiday” that people generally mistake it for and you often find yourself well outside your comfort zone. But after 21 years I have found myself getting blasé about travelling, so felt the time was right to bite the bullet and go that one step further. To complete that once-in-a-lifetime thing which I can always look back on and be proud. Something truly epic! But I could never climb everest, cycle across Africa or even attempt to run a marathon… then JOGLE suddenly popped up on my radar and I instantly knew this was the challenge for me.

To raise money to help rebuild Nepal

And most importantly, I am doing this walk to raise money for Nepal. I had already thought about doing this walk before 25 April 2015, however back then there was no particular charity close to my heart.  The quake obviously changed all that. And keeping up-to-date with the slow rebuild process taking place – and on the anniversary of the quake seeing images of so many people still living under temporary shelter – it is obvious how much still needs to be done. Please visit my just giving page for more information.

and finally…

Because I can 

Its as simple as that 😛