Hello, you can call me Maz… and I like to move haha!

What can I say… I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a very colourful and eventful 21 years travelling around this beautiful planet of ours. Living in each moment, looking forward to the next adventure, but generally not dwelling on the past. Where-to-next-and-how-can-I-make-that-happen! To me this is just normal life.  So its been easy to become blasé about all the things I have seen and done over the last two decades.

But with the passing of the years, being in a natural disaster and seeing my father age and his memory decline, I am suddenly more aware than ever of my past and what how much I have achieved. So my initial reason for setting up mazonthemove, was to create a platform on which to record all my adventures, photos, tips, stories… most of which took place before social media even existed. Mainly just for me, but if anyone else was interested… bonus!

Secondly, if I had a pound for every time someone asked me for advice on where to go, what to see etc. I would be able to retire to Bali by now! So to save repeating myself – once I’ve had time to find all the relevant photos and create all the necessary text – I can simply send them the link to that destination page on mazonthemove and everything they might want to know will be there.

And finally, the above has all coincided with my charity walk, from John O’Groats to Lands End, to help raise money for Nepal. And if there was ever an adventure that needs documenting… its this one!

More background

You could say I have lived my life in reverse.  Leaving school the moment I could and going straight into the workplace. From age 16-25 I lead a rather normal suburban life, working at a large local insurance company, drinking at the local pub 5 nights a week and taking on my first mortgage aged 21. And I was content… although I still managed to sneak in three or four Mediterranean breaks each year, so my love for being in the sun was apparent… even then!

Age 25 I then began travelling… and never looked back. 63 countries I hit during that first ten year period; visiting every continent and only returning to the UK for 3-6 months each summer to replenish the bank account. They were epic times. Then aged 35 I figured it was about time I grew up; so I took on a second mortgage on a flat in South London and a permanent job in London. With new surroundings to explore, and even finding the commute a novelty, I enjoyed 3 crazy-busy years hanging out in London, going to festivals and partying in Ibiza. Although I still managed to holiday in Thailand and Australia for 2-3 weeks each year, so even during this period I hadn’t quite hung up my backpack.

By 2008 however, the pull of Australia had once again taken hold, so I decided to pack up my London life and head back down under – on a student visa – to give it one final shot to become a fully fledge Aussie. I had a “bonzer” time, hanging out in Bondi then living on the Central Coast (and of course picked up an Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Management) but unfortunately things didn’t work out. By the end of 2010, after further travels to Central and South America, I suddenly found myself back at my mums… with a wounded heart, a big hole in the bank balance and my hopes of moving to Sydney all but dashed.

Thankfully however I managed to pick myself up. I bought a decent camera, took an online photography course, and set up MiSS PiCCY Photography.  And it was whilst looking for somewhere to relax and complete this course, that I chanced again upon what was to become the perfect plan B. The beautiful Bali. And what started in 2012 with a few solo missions to Ubud, has now become a regular annual pilgrimage. I have found a wonderful new community in Ubud and forged some beautiful new friendships. So together with my existing Sydney family (plus good friends in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth) I now have my winter months pretty much mapped out; and to be honest can’t ever see that changing. Jan/Feb are the best months to be in Oz and Mar/Apr coincide with the Bali Spirit Festival, which I am now fortunate enough to be part of.

And I suppose that is where this story could end… well here, and in Brighton (the place I want to relocate to when I do finally decide to slow down).  But once a traveller… always a traveller… and getting another taste of the open road last year in Nepal, China, Cambodia and this year in Sri Lanka, my sense of adventure has been reignited. Which I suppose is what this latest JOGLE mission is all about. As well as to see more of the UK and raise money to help those in Nepal still affected by the earthquake; I am now looking forward to completely throwing myself out there into the unknown, and seeing what comes of it… and judging from the past, probably quite a lot.

Marianne x

p.s. and for all your support…